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Don Grisé represents the third generation of the Grisé family to operate Grisé Audio Visual Center. Grisé AV, started in 1947 by Don’s grandfather Francis Grisé, and is the regions only full service Audio Visual production company. Don’s entrance into the family business in the late 1970’s coincided with the major technological changes in the AV industry. Don successfully transitioned the business from film based work to the latest in Audio/Visual technology. Today, thanks to Don’s leadership, Grisé AV is recognized as the leader in all aspects of audio/visual production, specializing in live event production, system integration and duplication services. Don has coordinated productions all across the U.S. and other parts of Northern America, including the Bahamas, Mexico, and British Columbia. His work has also taken him to international locations such as Spain and Italy. The list of artists, presenters and politicians that Grisé AV has provided technical support and services for is long and reads like a ‘whos who’ of celebrities. Don treats every event, regardless of its size and stature as if it were his own. Locally, Grisé AV provides a variety of services for hundreds of local not for profit organizations, churches, arts groups and businesses.

Meet Our Staff

Jim Grisé – CEO

Don Grisé – President / Senior AV Technician

Denise Grisé Hesch – Secretary/Treasurer

Office Manager/Accounting Duplication Technician

Greg Hardner – Senior AV Technician / Installation Designer

Tony Berarducci – Installation/Service Manager

Branden Harbaugh – Senior Sound Technician

Ryan Patsy – Production Specialist

Deborah Weary – Duplication Technician/Customer Service

Toby Messina – AV Technician

Barry LaCastro – AV Technician

Ed Koscelnik– Lighting Technician/Delivery

Miles Altmen – Sound/AV Technician

Josh Hawley – Sound/AV Technician

Chris Larsen – Shop Technician

Our History:

Shortly after the end of World War II, a new education tool became very popular. It was the 16 mm. sound projector which was used by the U.S. Armed Forces for training and educational purposes.

Several local schools got together and purchased a projector to be used in the classrooms. Holy Rosary School purchased one of these projectors and Francis V. Grisé, volunteered to locate rental educational films for the school. He was amazed to find out that educational films were not available for rent in Erie. You had to rent films from places in New York, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh and Chicago.

He was encouraged by three prominent Erie people to open a film rental library in Erie, and on April 1st, 1947 he opened up the first place in Erie to rent all types of films.

Grisé Audio Visual has been a family owned and operated business since the beginning. Francis worked with his son James and his daughter Doris and her husband Dan DiLuzio. Today the third generation of the Grise family is represented by James’ children, Don Grisé and Denise Hesch.

Don Grisé


Don Grisé is the 2009 receipent of the distinguished George Mead
Award presented by the Advertising Federation of the NWPA!